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In 1913 Lane was made a baronet; some years later he became a Companion of the Bath and a Chevalier No-touch Technique de la Légion d’Honneur buy evista 60mg without a prescription. Lane soon realized that if the operative treatment In appearance he was tall and slim with a dis- of fractures was to be safe order 60 mg evista with mastercard, a rigorous aseptic tinguished bearing; his face pale, strong and technique was essential. The skin over a wide area handsome with the head slightly inclined to the was prepared several hours before the operation; right. He was on the table the part was painted with a solution twice married, first in 1884 to Charlotte, daugh- of iodine. The operation area was surrounded by ter of John Briscoe, with whom he celebrated his a generous supply of sterile mackintoshes clipped golden wedding, and in 1935 to Jane, daughter of to the skin. The knife used for incising the skin was of whom married members of the staff of Guy’s discarded and a fresh knife employed in the Hospital and the other achieved distinction as an wound. The theater sister held an instru- a leading part in the advance of surgery soon after ment with forceps when handing it to the opera- the antiseptic system was established. He was one tor and she threaded needles with the aid of two of the first to proceed from the antiseptic method pairs of forceps. And he actually control of the fracture, Lane devised pairs of pow- pioneered the perfection of aseptic surgery by erful bone forceps with long handles, which kept introducing the no-touch technique. No part of of operating and his metallic internal splint have an instrument that entered the wound was allowed had a profound influence upon bone and joint to touch the surgeon’s hand. This scrupulous no-touch technique nary dexterity and imbued them with enthusiasm was a byproduct of Lane’s fracture work, but it for surgery. References Lane retired from the active staff of Guy’s in 1920 but continued to practice from his house at 1. Lane WA (1883) Cases of Empyema in Children maintained that disease was due to defective diet Treated by Removal of a Portion of Rib. In 1926 he founded the New Hospital Reports 41:45 186 Who’s Who in Orthopedics 3. Lane WA (1887) A Remarkable Example of the pathologist Erwin Uehlinger, professor of pathol- Manner in which Pressure-Changes in the Skeleton ogy at the University of Zurich, were significant. His intention was to continue his career in phys- Journal of Anatomy and Physiology 21:385 iology, but work in field hospitals during 4.

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OVERSEAS TRAVEL Generally speaking buy evista 60 mg without prescription, people concerned with medical education are friendly and helpful purchase 60 mg evista amex. Should you be travelling, do not hesitate to write to any individual or institution you may wish to visit and observe at first hand educational activities or facilities which have interested you during your reading. If you come from a traditional medical school, you should attempt to visit one of the well known less conventional schools such as McMaster University in Canada; Maastricht University in the Nether- lands; Ben Gurion University of the Negev, in Israel; or Newcastle University in Australia. Many other institutions are now experimenting with alternative curricula so opportunities to experience different ways of teaching medical students should be found reasonably close to your home institution. ORGANISATIONS As your interest in medical education grows you may wish to join an association or attend one of the national or international conferences which are held each year. The following is a list of some of the most well know English- speaking organisations which conduct major annual conferences. In addition it provides a regular forum for the meeting of medical school deans from Europe and sometimes from other parts of the world. Further information can be obtained from the Secretary, AMEE, Tay Park House, 484 Perth Road, Dundee, DD2 1LR, Scotland or on

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Among his many original Lippmann was survived by his wife cheap 60 mg evista otc, his daugh- contributions were the first compression bolt for ter generic evista 60 mg on line, Mrs. Lippmann Orthopedic Research Laboratory at Mount Sinai was established in 1965 in his honor. Lippmann participated in community, national, and interna- tional orthopedics. He was a Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine, serving as secretary (1949–1950) and chairman (1950–1951) of the orthopedic section, and as a member of the advi- sory committee (1951–1956). He was a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (1932), serving as a member of its New York and Brooklyn Regional Fracture Committee (1949). He was a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (1932) and a member of the American Orthopedic Association (1954), the Orthopedic Research Society (1959), and the Joseph LISTER Société Internationale de Chirurgie Orthopédique et de Traumatologie (SICOT) (1957). Lippmann developed a spirit of cooperation and dedication on the Mount Sinai Orthopedic Joseph Lister was born at Upton House, Essex, on Service. For generations his family had agreements, and thorough exploration of clinical belonged to the Society of Friends and the early problems. These were his basic techniques in influence of this body continued to govern his resident-training. He had considerable success in back of his mind was always the idea that he business in the city and somehow managed in his would some day describe the principles of con- leisure to acquire a worldwide reputation for his servative orthopedics that he taught—a task that researches in optics, which led to the perfection must be completed by his students. He also collab- many contacts with the residents and staff, orated with Thomas Hodgkin in the publication particularly at the monthly evening journal club of papers on microscopic observations of meetings at their home in New York and at their blood and animal tissues. Lippmann’s it may be gathered that the young Lister was born service and leadership over a period of 43 years, into an environment highly favorable for the 197 Who’s Who in Orthopedics pursuit of science; and in his great quest he was less ridicule. Morton, whom destined to gaze at the amazing new world of Wells taught, succeeded in inducing anesthesia microorganisms through an apparatus perfected while J.

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Esther Halpern performs a complicated ballet getting into and out of her house: I hold onto the door discount evista 60mg without a prescription. Well generic evista 60 mg otc, actually, I can use the walker, too, as long as somebody holds the door open. Or if I have to do it myself, I could push that door open, hold on, and then push the door to where it would stay open, and then I can get the walker up onto the first step. And then I can lift it and get onto the second step, and then I would release the door.... Every morning, they drop the newspaper right outside the door, beyond the step. But instead of going down the step, I use my grab- ber to pick it up so I don’t have to go up and down the step. Esther’s “grabber” is a rodlike device with pinchers to reach inconveniently placed items. Many people resist changing their houses or decor, living with incon- veniences—and safety risks (chapter 10). One woman with severe back pain has “three stairs to get into my house, but that’s all right. Tina DiNatale installed a grab bar At Home—with Family and Friends / 89 in her bathroom but told the workman,“ ‘I don’t want anything to look too handicapped. A few wealthy people built new houses or performed substantial renovations. But for renters, finding exist- ing and accessible housing with reasonable rents is hard. Lonnie Carter, the disability activist, worried, “Landlords want to rent their apartments at market value. It’s bad news about acces- sible housing—its getting cut for minorities, for whoever you are. But mice was all on the table, the stove, all over the furni- ture they crawled. Then I live in the basement floor, which was like a handicap unit, and it was easy for me.