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A 56-year-old man is admitted to the coronary care unit and is diagnosed as having a non–Q wave myocardial infarction cheap premarin 0.625mg otc. The patient is aggressively managed and is clinically stable order 0.625mg premarin visa. During his admission, he describes to his treating physician that he has struggled with depression in the past but has been reluc- tant to share this with his local doctor. His recent symptoms include insomnia, unintentional weight loss, and depressed mood. He also has not been performing well at work and blames his poor performance on "being tired" and being incapable of concentrating. He has stopped playing golf with his friends on Saturday morning because it is not fun anymore. Which of the following statements regarding depression is true? The patient is not at increased risk for committing suicide B. The mortality 6 months after a myocardial infarction is five times higher for depressed patients than for nondepressed patients Key Concept/Objective: To be able to recognize and treat depression in patients with medical problems A broad array of antidepressants are available for the treatment of depression. Mood dis- orders are present in 50% to 70% of all cases of suicide, and patients with recurrent, seri- ous depression (i. The strongest known risk factors for the development of depression are family his- tory and previous episodes of depression. The risk of depressive disorders in first-degree relatives of patients with depression is two to three times that of the general population. Depression in late life is a serious public health concern; comorbidity of depression with other illnesses, both medical and psychiatric, is particularly problematic in older persons. The prevalence of depressive symptoms in those 65 years of age and older has been estimated to be 16.

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Electrophysiology: Nerve conduction studies are usually normal (except reduced CMAP in affected atrophic muscles) effective 0.625 mg premarin. EMG shows increased insertional activity only in affected muscles buy premarin 0.625mg low price. Short duration polyphasic motor unit action potentials, mixed with normal and long duration units are seen in the affected muscle/s. Imaging: Focal enlargement, edema, and fatty infiltration especially observed on T2 weighted and T1 images with gadolinium. Muscle biopsy: Characterized by endomysial fibrosis (Fig. Genetic testing: Exonic or multiexonic deletions (60–65%), duplication (5–10%), or missense mutations that generate stop codons may be found. Spinal fusion may be required where there is respiratory compromise: according to Hart and McDonald, fusion should be used before the curvature is greater than 30 and vital capacity is less than° 35% of predicted. Carriers should also be checked for cardiac defects. Myoblast, DNA, and stem cell transfer are potential therapies. Prognosis Patients usually survive to their mid-twenties. References Cohn RD, Campell KP (2000) Molecular basis of muscular dystrophies. Muscle Nerve 23: 1456–1471 Fenichel GM, Griggs RC, Kissel J, et al (2001) A randomized efficacy and safety trial of oxandrolone in the treatment of Duchenne dystrophy. Neurology 56: 1075–1079 Grady RM, Zhou H, Cunningham JM, et al (2000) Maturation and maintenance of the neuromuscular synapse: genetic evidence of for the roles of the dystrophin-glycoprotein complex. Neuron 25: 279–293 Hart DA, McDonald CM (1998) Spinal deformity in progressive neuromuscular disease. Phys Med Rehab Clin N America 9: 213–232 Jacobsen C, Cote PD, Rossi SG, et al (2001) The dystrophoglycan complex is necessary for stabilization of acetylcholine receptor clusters at neuromuscular junctions and formation of the synaptic basement membrane. J Cell Biol 152: 435–450 Mirabella M, Servidei S, Manfredi G, et al (1993) Cardiomyopathy may be the only clinical manifestation in female carriers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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