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Although neuroimaging point to a urinary tract infection purchase 60 ml rogaine 2 with mastercard, phlebitis or studies cannot themselves predict impairments aspiration cheap rogaine 2 60 ml overnight delivery, as well as caloric and fluid intake, and prognosis, tests such as computerized to- short-term therapy goals, how the patient and mography (CT) and magnetic resonance imag- family are coping with unexpected burdens, ing (MRI) offer useful insights. During daily rounds, the physician that reveals an old, silent lacuna in the right encourages patients to spend more time out of basis pontis, however, offers insight into the bed, reiterates specific exercises for improving cause of a pseudobulbar palsy and alters the endurance, motor control, and skills that can prognosis. Families and people with neurologic dis- pably tender musculoligamentous tissue cause eases are quick to check for experimental and pain or limit movement? Does a medication or alternative treatments on the Internet and in episodic orthostatic hypotension lessen atten- articles. The physician needs to put animal re- tion span and endurance for exercise? Is hy- search results, ongoing clinical trials, uncon- ponatremia or anemia having negative clinical trolled use of substances that include much consequences? Does a muscle group show in- hype by the seller, and alternative medicine ap- creased paresis with a few repetitive contrac- proaches into perspective. Nor does the com- problems related only to the cerebral injury, or pulsive clinician ever disregard the insights of does a metabolic abnormality, a medication or, the rest of the team. A modest decline in at- in an older person, an underlying dementia tention span or exercise tolerance noted by the 218 Common Practices Across Disorders speech therapist or occupational therapist may should insist on definable interventions. If one mean, for example, incipient sepsis, a new approach is not working, a different approach metabolic complication, or side effects of a can then be defined and tested. A few minutes of assessment and measures of success, such as changes in the explanation prevents lost opportunities to un- time needed to eat a meal or walk 50 feet, help cover unrecognized problems and misunder- label success beyond nonparametirc tools that standings. Vigilance is necessary in regard to are used to define levels of independence (see identifying inpatient and outpatient medical Chapter 7). System For Medical Rehabilitation14 helps put During outpatient care, physicians must de- features of the recovery of impairments and dis- velop their skills at counseling about matters abilities into perspective.