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A CT many tasks or worry about too many things at the same scan can detect structural abnormalities generic cialis super active 20 mg overnight delivery, such as brain tu- time 20 mg cialis super active with amex, the brain is overloaded with information and can- mors or lesions. Therefore, if a person associated with aging or degenerative diseases, an MRI, is trying to remember a lot of information, he or she PET, or SPECT test can be run. Nerve cells require glucose (sugar) to doctor pinpoint the exact cause of the memory loss. If there is not enough glucose in the scan is especially useful in that it allows the doctor to track blood, nerve cells starve and die. Excessively low and record which memory centers are stimulated in live, blood sugar can send a person into shock and/or into a working brain tissue while a person is functioning. Prolonged seizures, such as in patients with • Avoid eating foods that contain such additives as artifi- epilepsy, can cause significant memory loss. Extreme emotional trauma accumulate in the body and become toxic, causing has been associated with sudden amnesia. Women often report a significant decrease in memory function immediately following menopause. GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2 1319 • Drink only filtered water to avoid toxic chemicals in for its ability to improve memory function. Therefore, it can • Eat a low-fat, high-fiber diet with emphasis on fresh slow down memory loss associated with normal aging fruits and vegetables. Antiox- that ginkgo helps improve thinking and concentration idants also protect and support brain function. Protein is necessary to maintain • Gotu kola (Centella asiatica: 70 mg taken twice daily). Studies have shown that ginseng can improve risk of strokes, blood clotting, and heart attacks. Be- cause ginseng may elevate blood pressure, patients Nutritional supplements with heart disease or high blood pressure should con- The following nutritional supplements may help re- sult with their doctor before using this herb.

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On the other hand order cialis super active 20mg fast delivery, the sons of nonalcoholic to treat addiction to heroin or morphine that is also parents had a low rate of alcoholism in later life even if used to treat alcoholism cialis super active 20mg discount. Studies of adopted craving for alcohol rather than by producing vom- daughters yielded less clear-cut results. STUDIES OF GENDER AND ETHNIC VARIABLES It has Polygenic—A trait, characteristic, condition, etc. Far the relatively rapid progression of alcoholism in Eastern and Mediterranean countries (with the exception women, even though women usually begin to of France) have relatively low rates. The behavior of the altered deficiency, related to a variation in a gene known as the animal can be compared with the behavior of an ALDH2 gene. People with this deficiency experience a unaltered animal to help pinpoint the role of the disulfiram-like reaction to small amounts of alcohol, gene in affecting it. GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GENETIC DISORDERS 49 Studies of women indicate that Caucasian women in KNOCKOUT AND TRANSGENIC EXPERIMENTS Newer the United States have a higher rate of aldehyde dehy- genetic engineering techniques that were developed in drogenase deficiency than men. It is not known, however, the 1990s allow researchers to deactivate, or knock out, a how important this factor is in explaining the overall gene that is thought to be involved in sensitivity to or lower rate of alcoholism among women. Race and eth- produced strains of mice with a craving for alcohol that nicity affect both patterns of alcohol consumption in can be traced to specific proteins in the brain. Both women and physical vulnerability to the effects of alco- knockout and transgenic experiments on mice have con- hol. Although African American women and Caucasian firmed the hypothesis that low sensitivity to the effects of women are equally likely to be heavy drinkers, African alcohol appears to be related to a high preference for con- American women are more likely than Caucasians to suming alcohol. Among MICROARRAYS Microarrays are glass slides or sili- Hispanic women, American-born Hispanics are more con chips with selected genes—as many as 10,000— likely to be moderate or heavy drinkers than Hispanic arranged on them for scanning by an automated system. Because alcoholism is a polygenic disorder, and because genes often change their levels of activity in response to Another important variable in assessing the role of the effects of alcohol, microarrays allow researchers to ethnicity in alcohol dependence is educational attain- track the activity levels of a large number of genes simul- ment. The long-term effects of educational level on alcohol Of those who drink, about 10% will become alcoholics. There is a definite gender UCLA and the University of Texas studied tissue samples imbalance in alcoholism, with males predominating by a from the brains of 70 deceased persons (men and women ratio of 4:1 or 3:1.

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Topiramate causes a higher incidence of CNS- phenytoin purchase cialis super active 20mg, primidone order cialis super active 20mg with visa, phenobarbital, valproic acid, related side effects (primarily cognitive slowing and clonazepam, and ethosuximide, and metabolism of confusion) than other AEDs. Similarly, other cause a significant incidence of rashes or other hyper- drugs may induce metabolism of carbamazepine; the sensitivity reactions; however, a significantly higher in- end result is the same as for autoinduction, and the dose cidence of kidney stones has been observed in persons of carbamazepine must be readjusted. A common receiving topiramate than in a similar untreated popu- drug–drug interaction is between carbamazepine and lation. After a few days of antibiotic therapy, symp- Zonisamide toms of carbamazepine toxicity develop; this is readily Zonisamide has only recently been approved for use in reversible if either the antibiotic or carbamazepine is the United States, although it has been available in discontinued. It is effective in partial complex Cimetidine, propoxyphene, and isoniazid also have and generalized tonic–clonic seizures and also appears been reported to inhibit metabolism of carbamazepine. It has a It is essential to monitor blood levels and adjust the long half-life (about 60 hours) and requires about 2 dose if necessary whenever additional drugs are given weeks to achieve steady-state levels. In addi- Oxcarbazepine tion, it appears to cause an increased incidence of kid- Oxcarbazepine is chemically and pharmacologically ney stones. This Valproic Acid (Sodium Valproate) property decreases the problems associated with drug Although it is marketed as both valproic acid interactions when oxcarbazepine is used in combination (Depakene) and as sodium valproate (Depakote), it is with other drugs. The clinical uses and adverse effect the valproate ion that is absorbed from the gastroin- profile of oxcarbazepine appear to be similar to those of testinal tract and is the active form. This com- Lamotrigine pound has broad anticonvulsant activity, both in exper- Lamotrigine has a broad spectrum of action and is ef- imental studies and in the therapeutic management of fective in generalized and partial epilepsies. Valproic acid has been shown to block mechanism of action appears to be blockage of voltage- voltage-dependent sodium channels at therapeutically dependent sodium channels, although its effectiveness relevant concentrations. In several experimental stud- against absence seizures indicates that additional mech- ies, valproate caused an increase in brain GABA; the anisms may be active. There is evidence that valproate 380 IV DRUGS AFFECTING THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM may also inhibit T-calcium channels and that this may Drugs That Primarily Enhance the Action be important in its mechanism of action in patients with of GABA absence epilepsy. A major effort has been directed to the search for Valproic acid is well absorbed from the gastroin- agents that can mimic, facilitate, prolong, or enhance the testinal tract and is highly bound (~90%) to plasma pro- actions of GABA, with the expectation that such com- tein, and most of the compound is therefore retained pounds will likely be beneficial in the treatment of con- within the vascular compartment.