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Seemingly innocuous blows to the chest by missiles such as baseballs or hockey pucks may cause sudden arrhythmic death cheap silvitra 120mg without a prescription, probably when they strike directly over the heart during the vulnerable portion of the T wave and induce ventricular fibrillation buy silvitra 120mg otc. The most impor- tant complication of myocardial contusion is cardiac arrhythmia. Hypotension, intracar- diac thrombus, congestive heart failure, and cardiac tamponade occur occasionally. Blunt trauma may injure any of the cardiac valves and lead to valvular regurgitation. Traumatic valvular regurgitation is more likely to be recognized after the patient has recovered from the acute injury; it is less likely to play a major role in the early postinjury course. A 23-year-old man reports a 3-day history of a constant left-sided chest pain, which worsens with inspi- ration and activity. His symptoms were preceded by several days of fatigue, rhinorrhea, and cough. He is worried that he has broken a rib from coughing. He reports no other symptoms and has no risk fac- tors for cardiovascular disease. Other findings on physical exami- nation are as follows: blood pressure, 120/70 mm Hg; pulse, 94 beats/min; respiratory rate, 12 breaths/min; temperature, 100. Cardiovascular examination shows tachycardia, but otherwise the results are normal. Which of the following should be the appropriate step to take next in this patient’s workup? None of the above Key Concept/Objective: To be able to recognize the presentation of acute benign viral pericarditis This patient’s presentation is classic for acute viral pericarditis: constant anterior chest pain that is worse with inspiration, tachycardia, and a low-grade fever. A pericardial fric- 38 BOARD REVIEW tion rub is often heard when patients are symptomatic but may be missed on examina- tion. The differential diagnosis includes pneumonia, spontaneous pneumothorax, and musculoskeletal pain; an electrocardiogram would be the appropriate first step in the evaluation.

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The result of the approximate solution (classical impact solu- tion) is indicated by (·) silvitra 120 mg lowest price. It should be noted that for the limiting case of zero impulse duration there is no change in angular position whether or not the lower leg has an initial velocity buy silvitra 120mg on-line. For finite impulse durations and under the conditions prescribed, the knee goes into flexion upon impact when the lower leg is initially stationary, whereas it continues its motion in the extension direction for the case of nonzero initial angular velocity. The exact solution is also capable of providing information on the time histories of various quantities. Time variations of the contact force and anterior cruciate ligament force are given in Figs. Furthermore, although not shown in the figure, after the termination of external impulse, the contact force shows a sudden drop to a value that may be attributed to ligament and inertia forces. One may observe that the maximum value of anterior cruciate ligament force increases as the duration of externally applied pulse gets smaller. For small impulse durations, maximum values occur after the external pulse ceases, unlike contact force behavior. The results presented in this section clearly establish the fact that classical impact theory gives the limiting solution to the model equations as the impact time approaches zero. Moreover, the results indicate inapplicability of the classical impact theory to practical situations where the impact time can range from 15 to 30 ms. Another problem associated with the application of the classical impact theory © 2001 by CRC Press LLC FIGURE 3. The result of the approximate solution (classical impact solution) is indicated by (·). It is shown here that impulse magnitude alone is not sufficient to assess the loading condition at the joint. In fact, such an indication can be quite misleading in that a higher impulse does not necessarily mean higher forces. Finally, the fact that ligament response is not instantaneous entails its exclusion from the classical impact theory, whereas real-time simulations have shown that the liga- ments are affected by the impact in comparable magnitudes with contact forces.

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A Hematoxilin and eosin stained tissue showing a typical rimmed vacuole in the center (small arrow) and atrophy of muscle fibers (large arrow) best silvitra 120 mg. B Acid phosphatase stain showing rimmed vacuoles (arrows) Distribution/anatomy Affects proximal and distal muscles in upper and lower extremities purchase 120mg silvitra fast delivery, with distal muscles affected predominantly in 20% of patients. Wrist and finger flexors and quadriceps are often more severely affected. Time course The disorder is progressive over 5 to 25 years Onset/age More common in males over age 50 years. Clinical syndrome Weakness and atrophy occurs in the distribution described above. Muscle weakness is often asymmetric unlike PM and DERM. Tendon reflexes are normal or decreased with disease progression. A mild sensory neuropathy is observed in some patients. An association with myxovirus has not been confirmed, inflammation is present but it is unknown if it is primary or secondary. The β-amyloid protein may result in muscle fiber apoptosis, and some cases are inherited (HaD). Diagnosis Laboratory: Mildly elevated CK, at least 2-5 times normal, but may be normal. There may also be an elevation in muscle AST and LDH up to 369 20 times normal.

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Although methotrexate causes bone marrow suppression purchase silvitra 120 mg without a prescription, routine bone marrow biop- sies are not indicated order 120mg silvitra mastercard. A 32-year-old high school teacher reports a mildly itchy new rash over the past week. He has been gen- erally healthy, although he did take a course of penicillin for culture-positive streptococcal pharyngitis several weeks ago. He does not smoke, drinks alcohol only occasionally, and has been monogamous with his wife over the 5 years they have been married. He has had no fever, chills, eye symptoms, anorexia, nausea, diarrhea, bloody stool, abdominal pain, penile sores or discharge, dysuria, or joint pains. On examination, the patient is afebrile, with multiple sharply demarcated scaly papules 3 to 10 mm in diam- eter distributed symmetrically on his trunk, arms, palms, and penis. There are no target lesions or oral lesions, and no lymphadenopathy is found. What is the most likely cause of this patient’s rash? Drug reaction Key Concept/Objective: To be able to recognize guttate psoriasis This is a classic presentation of guttate psoriasis, with onset after a recent streptococcal infection; a symmetrical distribution involving trunk, extremities, palms, and penis; and 8 BOARD REVIEW well-demarcated, small, scaly, erythematous papules. In contrast, the rash of primary HIV infection is a maculopapular, diffuse eruption, with poorly defined borders and no scal- ing, usually accompanied by low-grade fever, malaise, lymphadenopathy, and other flu- like symptoms. Secondary syphilis can cause a scaly rash that may include the palms and soles, but the rash is not itchy and is usually accompanied by lymphadenopathy and/or oral lesions. Secondary syphilis is also accompanied by a positive rapid plasma reagin test. Reiter syndrome usually presents as a tetrad of arthritis, urethritis, conjunctivitis/uveitis, and mucocutaneous lesions. The skin and nail lesions of Reiter syndrome can be difficult to distinguish clinically from psoriasis.