#bestnine2018  T H A N K Y O U ! For anyone who liked, commented or generally took an interest in what I do, a huge heartfelt thankyou.

Procrastination is the thief of time…

Ok, the time has just whizzed past and being very good at procrastination, I’ve ignored writing any sort of post since my milestone in May, actually maybe I should blame it on old age… I’m going to not write anything and let the images speak for themselves.

hello may, nice to see you again

I’m a bit of a fan of May, its my birthday month and this one was a bit of a milestone… And yes the corks did pop! I can also announce that my jewellery is now featured on Eclectic Artisans, a brand new global jewellery website which launched this month: https://eclecticartisans.com/artist/diana-greenwood I was immensely flattered […]