hello may, nice to see you again

I’m a bit of a fan of May, its my birthday month and this one was a bit of a milestone… And yes the corks did pop! I can also announce that my jewellery is now featured on Eclectic Artisans, a brand new global jewellery website which launched this month: https://eclecticartisans.com/artist/diana-greenwood I was immensely flattered […]


Goodbye July! My youngest child finished junior school, my Morley College students graduated, the last ever Art in Action and a lot of jewellery made! It was an emotional month!

Saying goodbye…

I love making jewellery and part of the process is eventually parting with those pieces that you’ve made. Some are definitely harder to part with than others. I’m going to miss these two brooches! Have a safe journey… 25th June-update I’ve just had an email to say that they arrived safely-phew! And the customer was […]