NL92 from eclectic artisans
Hand pierced silver and 18ct gold leaves in oval silver frames that graduate from small at the back, to the five large ovals complete with the leaves at the front of the necklace. I’ve given the necklace a satin finish as this really shows off the whiteness of the silver and the yellow of the gold. It also harks back to my love of paper-cutting and making things look like they are cut completely from a single sheet of paper.
This necklace required a lot of hand piercing which also required plenty of teabreaks!
It also took half of 2017 to come to fruition, as I started it way back in March by cutting most of the leaves out and creating some of the ovals and then it hung around on my bench getting in the way and getting covered in dust. I finally got round to completing it in November 2017 in time for a gallery show in December.
As I was making this necklace, I added the stages to my Instagram feed and was gobsmacked when it my images were assembled in a collage and re-posted by @the_eclectic_artisans
I’m hugely proud!
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