garden elements necklace
Featuring fourteen elements inspired by the garden in sterling silver, with details in vitreous enamel and 18ct yellow gold. Pea tendrils, woven baskets, garden ladders, flowers, moss, leaves and seed pods take centre stage.
Hanging on a handmade silver choker style necklace with handmade fixings, all the garden elements move independently on the silver neck-piece.
I’m constantly inspired by my back garden, but also equally frustrated by it, a bit like working in metal!
Sometimes, my garden doesn’t do what I want it to do; plants die or get eaten, or just simply don’t grow into what I had first imagined or envisaged.
Similarly my necklaces seem to take time to develop and evolve, sometimes I’m happy with the result, other times the piece has to go back in the drawer for a while until I can figure out the solution.

This necklace is available exclusively on Eclectics Artisans