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winter garden necklace by diana greenwood

Winter garden necklace

Inspired by crisp winter days, when the sky is blue and it’s beautiful outside, but […]

Framed leaves and flowers necklace by Diana Greenwood

Framed leaves and flowers necklace

Hand pierced leaves and cranesbill* flowers arranged within a circle of silver, with a grass-green […]

winter botanical necklace by Diana Greenwood

winter botanical necklace

leaves and ovals necklace

Hand pierced silver and 18ct gold leaves in oval silver frames that graduate from small […]

Daisies and leaves necklace

A truly lovely string of pale pink pearls inspired this summery and delicate necklace, I […]

Five Daisies necklace

Five beautiful and delicate hand pierced silver daisies create the focal point of this elegant […]

Daisy, Daisy…

This stunning necklace is a true labour of love, twenty six hand pierced silver daisies […]

Garden Elements Necklace

Featuring fourteen elements inspired by the garden in sterling silver, with details in vitreous enamel […]

Framed leaves and dahlia necklace

Straying away from my love of using circles and squares, the frame encompasses three hand […]

Daisy Trio Necklace by Diana Greenwood

Daisy trio necklace

Daisy Trio Necklace in silver and 18ct gold. The hand pierced daisies have been given […]

agapanthus necklace

A long necklace in silver with pierced detail inspired by the beautiful Agapanthus – The […]