Hello I’m Diana Greenwood. I make jewellery inspired by flowers, leaves and all things botanical in silver and 18ct gold and semi-precious stones. I have a studio based in Surrey, in the UK.

I studied a Master’s Degree in Goldsmithing and Silversmithing at the prestigious Royal College of Art, setting up a studio in London as a silversmith, making and creating small items in silver such as vessels and cutlery. But it wasn’t meant to be.

Drawn to working smaller and creating more personal pieces for the body, I became less inspired to make spoons (although every now and again I do make some!) and the jewellery making took over completely.

I love creating jewellery; sketching my designs, making models in paper and base metals, the technical challenges of how I’m going to make it, the attention to every detail and finally seeing how that finished brooch or necklace looks when it is being worn. For me, metal is the perfect material that I have found to express myself creatively. (I tried clay at college, it wasn’t for me)

Since childhood, I’ve been inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian design. Drawn from my Danish/British heritage, my jewellery combines the clean lines of Danish design with a touch of British charm and humour; a cheerful celebration of all things flowery and leafy.

My jewellery is a labour of love; designed and hand-crafted entirely by myself, my pieces are intricately hand-pierced, exquisitely made, with an attention to each and every detail.

There is something so special about creating unique pieces for clients. I love and cherish the stories and the memories that are made from the pieces I create.

Making people happy definitely inspires me to keep making beautiful jewellery.

A few other things you might like to know:
I am a newly transformed dog-lover and enjoy nothing more than walking Bella my Cockapoo. She also comes to my studio with me every day.
I love mountains, especially Austrian ones. Winter or Summer, I’m easy.
I’m a massive fan of figure-skating and I know the difference between a Lutz and a Flip jump.
I’m a keen gardener and over the years I’ve learnt how to grow and not kill most plants.

I am a Senior Fellow at Bishopsland Educational Trust and a member of The Sussex Guild.

I  teach the Level 2 Jewellery Certificate and Contemporary Spoon-making at Morley College in London too:

Me and Bella my lovely dog

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