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It will contain details of material that has influenced the writer during the preparation of their work quality vermox 100 mg. There are no direct references to this material in the main body of the text generic vermox 100mg without prescription. Submission Ask your tutor or refer to your institutional guidelines about the presenta­ tion and submission of your essay. It is vital that you comply with these otherwise you may lose marks or have your essay rejected. See Chapter 10 ‘Essays’ for some general advice on preparing essays for submission. The final word – remember the effort and time you have put into preparing your dissertation needs to be rewarded with a good quality binder that does not fall apart in the marker’s hands. Summary Points ° A dissertation is an extended piece of written work that forms part of the final assessment on diploma courses and such like. These keywords explain to the reader both the aims and the themes of the essay. RESEARCH PROJECTS 205 son for carrying out the research), the how (your methods of investigation) and the what (what are your findings? The contents of a research paper will be divided into the following sections: ° summary ° introduction ° literature review ° methods ° results ° discussion ° conclusion. A summary of this research process is usually placed at the beginning of the research thesis. In your summary Most papers start with a summary of the main points of the research.

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An exhaustive solution may not be possible buy cheap vermox 100mg line, so it is World champion chemists 57 not certain that computers will beat people vermox 100 mg with amex. However, the odds are stacked in favour of the computer, which will be able to develop and optimise many more routes than it is possible for synthetic chemists to consider directly. We will be taught the answer by the computers which extend the art beyond the heights reached by human scientists. Macquarrie Department of Chemistry, University of York, Heslington, York YO10 5DD, UK 4. The ability of chemists to produce a wide range of different molecules, both simple and staggeringly complex, is very well developed, and nowadays almost anything can be prepared, albeit maybe only on a small scale. On an industrial scale, a great variety of products are synthesised, using chemistry which varies from simple to complex. These products go into almost all the consumer goods we take for granted – colours and fibres for clothes, sports equipment, polymers which go into plastics for e. Unfortunately, many of these processes generate a great deal of waste – often more waste is produced than product. One of the major challenges for chemistry in the opening years of the new millennium is therefore the development of new methods for the clean production of these chemicals. In the last few years a new, intrinsically more powerful approach has been pioneered. Green chemis- try, as it has been called, involves the redesign of chemistry, such that the desired products from a reaction are obtained without generating waste. This massive undertaking involves a wide range of approaches, from the 59 60 D. MACQUARRIE invention of new reactions to developing new catalysts (chemicals which are themselves not used up in the reaction, but which allow the reaction partners to be transformed more rapidly, using less energy, and often more selectively, generating fewer byproducts) which allow more selective reac- tion to take place, to biotransformations and novel engineering concepts, all of which can also be used to minimise waste. Catalysts can sometimes be developed which allow inherently clean reactions to be invented.

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