By G. Osmund. Virginia State University.

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This is because this group of disorders results when the immune system turns on the body and produces substances that are harmful to some of the body’s own tissues (rheumatoid arthritis order 5mg clarinex with mastercard, diabetes best clarinex 5mg, lupus erythematosus and multiple sclerosis are examples of such diseases). That means that anything which suppresses the immune system will allow those disorders to improve, which is what happened when autoimmune-diseased rats were fed saccharin water. Mind and Body 157 The implications of this for human health and illness are enormous, since autoimmune disorders are among the most problematic and poorly understood of all categories of disease. These experiments suggest that the brain might play a role in the treatment of these conditions. In his well-known book, The Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins described how he overcame one of these autoimmune disorders, ankylosing spondylitis (a form of rheumatoid arthritis) by recognizing that it was emotionally induced and introducing a kind of humor therapy plus vitamin C. Based on my experience with TMS I am inclined to think that it was his recognition of the role of the emotions in causing the illness that produced the cure. It is possible that, just as in TMS, the illness serves to draw attention away from the realm of the emotions and that when the person recognizes that this is what is going on, and attention is focused on the emotions, the illness loses its purpose and ceases. Those of us who believe that the immune system is heavily influenced by the emotions are in debt to Dr. He is not alone; other laboratory scientists have demonstrated equally dramatic connections between mind and body. One report that particularly impressed me appeared in the prestigious journal Science in April 1982 by authors Visintainer, Volpicelli and Seligman. They described a group of rats, all suffering from the same cancer, that were exposed to annoying electric shock under two different experimental conditions; one group could escape from it and the other had to take it until it stopped. Both groups got exactly the same dose of shock; the ability to escape from it was the only difference between the two groups. According to the authors, “Rats receiving inescapable shock were only half as likely to reject the tumor and twice as likely to die as rats receiving escapable shock or no shock.

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