freezing february

freezing february

Its definitely not the warmest of months…working at my bench requires several extra layers and lots of hot drinks! I have spent a considerable amount of time at home instead, doing all those boring but necessary things like paperwork, applying for 2018 shows and trying to plan for what I’m doing creatively for the rest […]

my #bestnine2017

My #bestnine2017 from my Instagram posts which even includes me and my dog! A huge thanks for all the likes, comments and follows and also for giving me the confidence and support to keep making and evolving. There’s still lots that I want to create in 2018, lets see what direction the creativity takes me…

xmas is coming

christmas is coming…

The silly season is nearly upon us! I LOVE Christmas and I love being busy, so this time of year suits me down to the ground. Lots of jewellery heading out all over the world, including Germany, USA, Israel and of course the UK. I had some wonderful new images taken by photographer Cathy Pyle […]