Silver & Boxes

Vessels and tableware in silver and boxed pieces with a very personal narrative

Diana Greenwood hogs back vessel

‘Hog’s Back’ Silver Vessel

This piece was made specially for the Bishopsland Educational Trust 20 Year Exhibition at COLLECT […]

Diana Greenwood-'hot and cold' silver vessels

‘hot-and-cold’ Silver bath oil containers

These vessels were commissioned by the P&O Makower Trust for the Crafts Council Collection in 1995. […]

Diana Greenwood millenium knife and fork

‘Millennium Canteen’ Dessert Cutlery

Silver and 18ct Gold. Fly-pressed and chased silver with a stainless steel knife blade. This […]

Diana Greenwood-condiment vessels

Silver condiment vessels

These pieces were designed and made in 1996 for a Crafts Council touring exhibition called […]

Diana Greenwood-silver spoons

Silver spoons

I went through a phase of making lots of implements: cutlery, pens, anything that could […]

Diana Greenwood-silver salt and pepper vessels

Silver salt and pepper vessels

These salt and pepper vessels are based on the faces of flowers, made at a […]

Diana Greenwood-silver-dish-with-leaves

Silver dish with leaves

This silver dish was made around the same time as the salt and pepper vessels […]

Diana Greenwood garden spoons box

Spoons for the Garden

‘There is no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up […]

Diana Greenwood 'the more one gardens' box

‘The more one gardens…’ Mantel Box

A wooden Mantel/Wall Box with a hinged glass door, containing a long Garden-Inspired necklace. Featuring […]

The more one gardens box 2016

‘one half of the world…

Mantel Box containing various gardening implements in copper, brass, wood and paper Believe it or […]

Diana Greenwood 'if you cant stand the heat' box

‘If you can’t stand the heat…’

A piece inspired by the expression ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of […]

Diana Greenwood-time-goes-you-say-box

‘Time goes you say…?’

Wall/Mantel Box in Cherry Wood with a hinged glass door containing old clock parts, stones, […]

There is always one moment... Mantel Box

‘There is always one moment in childhood…’

A piece about childhood and the loss of innocence with references to Cornell and Blake. […]

Diana Greenwood 'ice cream' Box

Ice Cream

Box containing a hand made silver ice-cream spoon, inset with paper collage and various found […]

Diana Greenwood Brighton Rock Box

Brighton Rock

“People change,’ she said ‘Oh, no they don’t. Look at me. I’ve never changed. It’s […]

Diana Greenwood idee fixe box

Idée Fixe

idée fixe ˌiːdeɪ ˈfiːks/ noun an idea or desire that dominates the mind; an obsession. […]