From teeny tiny leaves to large statement earrings with 18ct gold and semi-precious stones.


mismatched summer garden charm earrings

Long, dramatic mismatched garden charm drop earrings in sterling silver. With highlights in hand forged […]

E189 cropped

Medium Dahlia Earrings

A slightly larger version of my Little Dahlia earrings in sterling silver, with hand forged […]


Curvy Leaf Silver Earrings

Where I live I’m surrounded by trees. In the next garden from mine there is […]

E208 cropped

Leafy oval drop earrings

I made these leafy oval earrings to go with the Leaves and Ovals Necklace. The […]


Triple leafy silver earrings

A stunning pair of hand pierced long silver leafy earrings, that have a fantastic swishy […]


Garden charm earrings

My passion for the garden is perfectly captured by these adorable garden charm stud earrings. […]


Teeny Daisy and Circle Drop earrings

  Inspired by the tiny alpine daisies that grow in the nooks and crevices along […]

Diana Greenwood Little Daisy earrings

Little daisy earrings

Lovely little solid silver hand pierced daisy stud earrings, with hand forged 18ct gold centres. […]


Daisy and chain drop earrings

A fabulous pair of little daisy and chain drop earrings which have a great movement […]

Diana Greenwood Leafy and flowery hoop earrings

Circle of leaves and flowers earrings

Large silver drop earrings with a trail of leaves and a little daisy. In silver […]


teeny daisy earrings

The smallest and cutest of my daisy earring family! Hand pierced in sterling silver with […]


Little dahlia earrings

Little pierced dahlia earrings with 18ct gold hand-forged centres. With a satin finish on the […]

long leafy silver earrings

long leafy earrings

A stunning pair of hand pierced long silver leafy earrings, that have a fantastic ‘swishy’ […]


Large daisy earrings

The dramatic Marguerite daisy inspired these spectacular silver earrings! These beautiful earrings are available as […]


Triple daisy drop earrings

Adorn your ears with these statement triple daisy drop stud earrings! Perfect for wearing to […]

Diana Greenwood Little leafy earrings

Little leaf earrings

Simple little silver leaf stud earrings with oxidised veins for contrast. With a satin finish.

Diana Greenwood Tendril and peridot drop earrings

Tendril and peridot earrings

Earrings based on the tendrils of the pea plant, with peridots set in 18ct gold. […]

Forget me not earrings

Forget me not earrings

The charming forget-me-not flower that blossoms in early Spring inspired these gorgeous little silver stud […]

Diana Greenwood Aster earrings

Aster earrings

When everything else is fading at the end of summer, the starry shaped aster happily […]

Diana Greenwood Daisy earrings

Framed aster drop earrings

Inspired by the late summer flowering lavender-blue Michaelmas daisy, the Aster is a much loved […]

Diana Greenwood Tendril earrings

Twirly tendril drop earrings

Circles of silver framing swirly tendrils of 18ct gold. Available as stud or drop earrings. […]

Diana Greenwood Leafy earrings

Leafy earrings with peridots

Little hand-pierced leaves in silver, with two in 18ct gold as highlights. With some lovely […]

Diana Greenwood Twirly drop earrings

Tendril drops with faceted peridots

Inspired by the vining tendrils and the acid-green colour of the pea plant. Silver and […]

Diana Greenwood Beech leaf earrings

Little beech leaf earrings

Little beech leaf stud earrings in solid silver. Inspired by my favourite tree, the majestic […]

Diana Greenwood Triple leaf drop earrings

Leafy trio earrings

Three leaf drop earrings in silver with oxidised leaf veins for a nice contrast.

Diana Greenwood Woven earrings

Woven earrings with peridots

Inspired by the use of basketry in the garden, these large and dramatic woven silver […]

Diana Greenwood Leafy earrings with peridots

Pierced Leaves Earrings

Hand pierced silver leaves set within circular frames of silver, with one hand pierced 18ct […]

Diana Greenwood Little Daisy and circle drop earrings

Little Daisy and circle drop earrings

Hand pierced little silver daisies with forged 18ct gold faces, framed in silver circles. With […]

Diana Greenwood Leaves and cranesbill earrings

Circle earrings with leaves and a flower

Piercing metal (cutting shapes out from sheet silver) is a meditative process, it can be […]

Diana Greenwood Tendril earrings

Large silver and 18ct gold tendril earrings

Large dramatic circular earrings based on the swirly tendrils of the pea plant, featuring one […]