Inspired by leaves, flowers and all things horticultural.

leaf and flower cufflinks

flower and leaf cufflinks

Round frame cufflinks featuring a little leaf and a forget me not flower with an […]


Curvy Leaf cufflinks

With a satin finish which really emphasises the simplicity and elegance of these cufflinks. A […]

Diana Greenwood daisy cuffs

Daisy cufflinks

Beautiful floral cufflinks handmade in sterling silver and hand forged 18ct gold. The silver daisies […]


Framed silver daisy cufflinks

Hand pierced eight petal silver daisies, with hand forged 18ct gold centres. Framed in silver […]

Diana Greenwood pierced leaf cufflinks

Silver leaf cufflinks

My love of garden flora and fauna is captured with the simple elegance of these […]

Diana Greenwood dahlia cufflinks

Dahlia cufflinks

Hand pierced silver dahlias with 18ct gold hand forged centres. The satin finish of the […]

Diana Greenwood beech leaf cuffs

Beech Leaf cufflinks

My favourite tree, the majestic beech, provided the creative prompt for these silver cufflinks that […]

Diana Greenwood pierced cuffs

Round pierced silver cufflinks

My pierced silver cufflinks are inspired by my love of old botanical and technical drawings […]

Diana Greenwood pierced tendril cufflinks

Silver tendril cufflinks

These cufflinks are inspired by the pea plant whose leaf tendrils support and help the […]

Diana Greenwood CU20 pierced cufflinks

Pierced round cufflinks

Simple and stylish, silver round cufflinks inspired by my passion for old botanical and technical […]

Diana Greenwood leafy cufflinks

Simple leaf silhouette cufflinks

A simple leaf silhouette shape constructed in silver. The leafy part is hollow and it […]