In silver, with highlights in 18ct gold, semi-precious stones and enamel.


Little leafy square brooch

Hand pierced sterling silver leaves arranged within a square of silver. The pin is made […]

Garden Memory Box Brooch

Garden Memory Box Brooch

I made this when the weather was at its worst, raining, blowing a gale and […]

circles and garden elements brooch

garden ephemera brooch

Leaves, flowers, twigs, woven baskets, watering cans, moss. All in sterling silver with elements in […]

Diana Greenwood five gold leaves brooch

Five gold leaves brooch

I love the veins in leaves and I can’t help but draw them constantly, they […]

Diana Greenwood Circles Brooch

‘Garden Elements’ Brooch

Branches, flowers, leaves, twigs, watering cans all provided the inspiration for this brooch. With a […]

Diana Greenwood circle of leaves and flowers brooch

Circle of leaves and flowers brooch

Hand pierced silver and 18ct leaves and cranesbill flowers, with three beautiful green sapphires in […]

Diana Greenwood Leaves brooch

‘Leaves’ brooch

Twenty eight separate leaves, hand pierced in silver and 18ct gold, joined to create a […]

Diana Greenwood Woven Brooch with a flower

Woven silver brooch with a flower

Woven silver brooch with an aster flower. In the centre of the flower is a […]

Diana Greenwood leaves and flowers brooch with a tourmaline

Pierced brooch with leaves flowers and tourmaline

Hand pierced silver brooch with the addition of a few little 18ct gold leaves and […]

Diana Greenwood silver brooch 1

Circle of Leaves and Cranesbill Flowers

Inspired by crane’s-bill flowers, lace and paper cutting. The silver pieces were cut out individually […]

Diana Greenwood twirly brooch

Twirly brooch

Sometimes it takes a while for brooches to come to fruition. This brooch spent a […]

leaves and stalk brooch

Leaves and stalk brooch

Little leaves growing on a stalk in spring are an optimistic sign that warmer weather […]

Diana Greenwood seven petal flower brooch

Seven petal flower brooch

A brooch that I have made repeatedly is this simple seven petal flower brooch, constructed […]

Diana Greenwood little woven brooch with a daisy

Little woven brooch with a daisy

With a satin finish, which gives a lovely contrast between the woven silver and the […]

Diana Greenwood beech leaf brooch

Beech Leaf Brooch

The beech tree is one of my favourite trees; they look particularly spectacular when the […]