From huge statement necklaces to teeny tiny earrings and everything in between


summer garden bracelet

Inspired by the plants that I grow in my garden, this floral bracelet features daisies, […]

mismatched summer garden charm earrings

Long, dramatic mismatched garden charm drop earrings in sterling silver. With highlights in hand forged […]

Leafy silver necklace

Medium Dahlia Earrings

A slightly larger version of my Little Dahlia earrings in sterling silver, with hand forged […]

Curvy Leaf Silver Earrings

Where I live I’m surrounded by trees. In the next garden from mine there is […]

Silver leaves cufflinks

Hand pierced leaves set within an oval frame of silver. The background has been oxidised […]

Oval leafy pendant

Hand pierced leaves and flowers set within an oval of silver. With a beautiful faceted […]

Little Daisy and Circle Pendant

This is the middle size of my three framed daisy pendants, featuring hand pierced petals […]

Little leafy square brooch

Hand pierced sterling silver leaves arranged within a square of silver. The pin is made […]

Leaves and iolites

I’ve had these lovely blue iolites for a while and I’ve been itching to using […]

leaves and ovals necklace

Hand pierced silver and 18ct gold leaves in oval silver frames that graduate from small […]

Daisies and leaves necklace

A truly lovely string of pale pink pearls inspired this summery and delicate necklace, I […]

Five Daisies necklace

Five beautiful and delicate hand pierced silver daisies create the focal point of this elegant […]

Daisy, Daisy…

  All the way through making this necklace, I had this song in my head… […]

little dahlia ring

I love dahlias and especially the red varieties such as The Bishop of Llandaff with […]

Leafy oval drop earrings

I made these leafy oval earrings to go with the Leaves and Ovals Necklace. The […]

teeny daisy ring

I will never be a hand model! I don’t think any jeweller I know, can […]

Little daisy pendant

Little sterling silver daisy pendant with a forged 18ct gold face. With a satin finish […]

Daisy, leaf and ruby pendant

My love affair with the simplicity of daisies started in early childhood and these cheery […]

Leaves pendant with a peridot

One of my signature pendants, hand pierced leaves in silver and 18ct gold, framed in […]

Teeny daisy charm bracelet

I have always loved daisies and this bracelet reminds me of happily sitting in the […]

winter floral bracelet

Featuring oak and beech leaves, hand pierced hydrangea, daphne and hellebore flowers, a skeleton honesty […]

Aster flower and leaf pendant

I love asters! This is my version of the beautiful, blue, starry-shaped aster flowers that […]

Large Daisy and Circle Pendant

The largest in my family of Daisy and Circle pendants, the pendant hangs on a […]

Botanical bracelet

A beautiful botanical bracelet featuring daisies, dahlias, asters, leaves in silver and 18ct gold and […]

Leaves and flowers bracelet

Flowers and leaves bracelet in solid silver and 18ct gold. Inspired by flowers that I […]

Forget me not bangle

A simple, stylish sterling silver bangle with a beautiful single silver and 18ct gold Forget […]

Aster and leaf bangle

The beautiful blue Aster flower that shines in the garden in late summer is the […]

Daisy and leaf double bangle

Memories of walking through beautiful country gardens came to mind when I designed this sterling […]

Teeny daisy bangle

A simple, stylish sterling silver bangle with a beautiful single silver and 18ct gold Teeny […]

Teeny daisy and circle pendant

An adorable hand pierced teeny silver daisy with a hand forged 18ct gold centre sitting […]

Garden Collection Pendant

A collection of a large silver leaf, a silver daisy with a hand forged 18ct […]

Triple leafy silver earrings

A stunning pair of hand pierced long silver leafy earrings, that have a fantastic swishy […]

Garden charm earrings

My passion for the garden is perfectly captured by these adorable garden charm stud earrings. […]

Teeny Daisy and Circle Drop earrings

  Inspired by the tiny alpine daisies that grow in the nooks and crevices along […]

Little daisy earrings

Lovely little solid silver hand pierced daisy stud earrings, with hand forged 18ct gold centres. […]

Daisy and chain drop earrings

A fabulous pair of little daisy and chain drop earrings which have a great movement […]

Five Forget Me Nots Necklace

Forget me not flowers are well-known to be symbols of love and this romantic necklace […]

Garden Elements Necklace

Featuring fourteen elements inspired by the garden in sterling silver, with details in vitreous enamel […]


I love asters! Those striking blue flowers that shine at the end of summer and […]

Framed leaves and dahlia necklace

Straying away from my love of using circles and squares, the frame encompasses three hand […]

Forget Me Not and Leaf Cufflinks

Round frame cufflinks featuring a little leaf and a forget me not flower with an […]

Leafy Silver Cufflinks

Hand-pierced Leafy Silver Cufflinks. A great gift for Father’s Day or for the Groom on […]

Leaves and daisy trail necklace

I was inspired by memories of collecting leaves and flowers as a child and making […]

Twirly labradorite necklace

A simple choker style necklace featuring swirly silver and sparkly labradorite beads.    


Lightly oxidised hand cut silver leaves with a brushed satin finish, hanging from beautiful faceted […]

Teeny Daisy Pendant

A perfectly cute and flowery daisy pendant to layer up with all your other favourites! […]

leafy necklace with smoky quartz

Lovely sparkly smoky quartz beads with fifteen hand pierced silver leaves. The leaves are joined […]

Circle of leaves and flowers earrings

Large silver drop earrings with a trail of leaves and a little daisy. In silver […]

teeny daisy earrings

The smallest and cutest of my daisy earring family! Hand pierced in sterling silver with […]

garden charms bracelet

I like drawing and I draw a lot. It informs my pieces in metal and […]

Little dahlia earrings

Little pierced dahlia earrings with 18ct gold hand-forged centres. With a satin finish on the […]

long leafy earrings

A stunning pair of hand pierced long silver leafy earrings, that have a fantastic ‘swishy’ […]

Large daisy earrings

The dramatic Marguerite daisy inspired these spectacular silver earrings! These beautiful earrings are available as […]

Large Daisy pendant

Loved by gardeners and also by the Queen of Denmark! Twelve hand pierced sterling silver […]

Garden Memory Box Brooch

I made this when the weather was at its worst, raining, blowing a gale and […]

garden ephemera brooch

Leaves, flowers, twigs, woven baskets, watering cans, moss. All in sterling silver with elements in […]

Triple daisy drop earrings

Adorn your ears with these statement triple daisy drop stud earrings! Perfect for wearing to […]

Garden charms pendant

Garden charms pendant necklace in solid silver and 18ct gold. A charming pierced silver daisy […]

Aster flower pendant

When little else is blooming in autumn, the amazing aster flower steals the show in […]

Large dahlia pendant

I love dahlias, they remind me of my wonderful Granddad who was brilliant at growing […]

Leafy silver pendants

A simple, contemporary leafy pendant in solid silver which would be perfect for layering or […]

Forget me not pendant

This hand pierced silver forget-me-not is based on the lovely little blue flowers that bloom […]

twirly pendant with a peridot

Twirly silver and 18ct gold tendrils inside an circle of sterling silver. Featuring a grass-green […]

Little leaf earrings

Simple little silver leaf stud earrings with oxidised veins for contrast. With a satin finish.

Tendril and peridot earrings

Earrings based on the tendrils of the pea plant, with peridots set in 18ct gold. […]

Five gold leaves brooch

I love the veins in leaves and I can’t help but draw them constantly, they […]

leafy and flowery pendant

Hand pierced leaves in silver and a few in 18ct gold, combined with cranesbill flowers […]

Daisy Cufflinks

Sterling silver and 18ct gold hand-pierced Daisy Cufflinks. Beautiful floral cufflinks handmade in sterling silver […]

Framed silver daisy cufflinks

Framed Daisy Cufflinks in solid silver and 18ct gold. Fun and elegant, these contemporary silver […]

Silver leaf cufflinks

My love of garden flora and fauna is captured with the simple elegance of these […]

Forget me not earrings

The charming forget-me-not flower that blossoms in early Spring inspired these gorgeous little silver stud […]

Daisy trio necklace

Daisy Trio Necklace in silver and 18ct gold. The hand pierced daisies have been given […]

Aster earrings

When everything else is fading at the end of summer, the starry shaped aster happily […]

Framed aster drop earrings

Inspired by the late summer flowering lavender-blue Michaelmas daisy, the Aster is a much loved […]

Leafy pendant with a peridot

Seven hand pierced leaves in silver and one in 18ct gold. With a grass-green peridot […]

Woven, leafy and twirly rings

Silver and 18ct rings. I have a passion for collecting old garden implements; wooden crates, […]

‘Garden Elements’ Brooch

Branches, flowers, leaves, twigs, watering cans all provided the inspiration for this brooch. With a […]

Twirly tendril drop earrings

Circles of silver framing swirly tendrils of 18ct gold. Available as stud or drop earrings. […]

Circle of leaves and flowers brooch

Hand pierced silver and 18ct leaves and cranesbill flowers, with three beautiful green sapphires in […]

‘Leaves’ brooch

Twenty eight separate leaves, hand pierced in silver and 18ct gold, joined to create a […]

Woven silver brooch with a flower

Woven silver brooch with an aster flower. In the centre of the flower is a […]

Dahlia cufflinks

Hand pierced silver dahlia flower cufflinks with 18ct gold hand forged centres. These gorgeous floral […]

Leafy earrings with peridots

Little hand-pierced leaves in silver, with two in 18ct gold as highlights. With some lovely […]

Pierced brooch with leaves flowers and tourmaline

Hand pierced silver brooch with the addition of a few little 18ct gold leaves and […]

Tendril drops with faceted peridots

Inspired by the vining tendrils and the acid-green colour of the pea plant. Silver and […]

Little beech leaf earrings

Little beech leaf stud earrings in solid silver. Inspired by my favourite tree, the majestic […]

Large daisy ring

Large daisy ring in silver and 18ct gold . A simple but sophisticated daisy sits on […]

Leafy trio earrings

Three leaf drop earrings in silver with oxidised leaf veins for a nice contrast.

Circle of Leaves and Cranesbill Flowers

Inspired by crane’s-bill flowers, lace and paper cutting. The silver pieces were cut out individually […]

Woven earrings with peridots

Inspired by the use of basketry in the garden, these large and dramatic woven silver […]

Twirly brooch

Sometimes it takes a while for brooches to come to fruition. This brooch spent a […]

Pierced Leaves Earrings

Hand pierced silver leaves set within circular frames of silver, with one hand pierced 18ct […]

Forget me not ring

My version of the blue faced flower that explodes in the garden in early spring. The […]

Little Daisy and circle drop earrings

Hand pierced little silver daisies with forged 18ct gold faces, framed in silver circles. With […]

Circle earrings with leaves and a flower

Piercing metal (cutting shapes out from sheet silver) is a meditative process, it can be […]

Two Leaves and a Daisy Necklace

Hand pierced leaves and daisy necklace in sterling silver and 18ct gold. A duo of […]

Leaves and stalk brooch

Little leaves growing on a stalk in spring are an optimistic sign that warmer weather […]

Dahlia trio necklace

Dahlia flowers necklace in sterling silver and 18ct gold. A trio of dainty dahlias form […]

Large silver and 18ct gold tendril earrings

Large dramatic circular earrings based on the swirly tendrils of the pea plant, featuring one […]

Seven petal flower brooch

A brooch that I have made repeatedly is this simple seven petal flower brooch, constructed […]

Beech Leaf Cufflinks

Solid silver beech leaf cufflinks. My favourite tree, the majestic beech, provided the creative prompt […]

Little woven brooch with a daisy

With a satin finish, which gives a lovely contrast between the woven silver and the […]

Round pierced silver cufflinks

My pierced silver cufflinks are inspired by my love of old botanical and technical drawings […]

Silver Tendril Cufflinks

These cufflinks are inspired by the pea plant, whose leaf tendrils support and help the […]

Aster Ring

When little else is blooming in autumn, the amazing aster flower steals the show in […]

Leaves and flowers pendant

I’m a bit of a fan of peridot’s! They are only one of a few […]

Little daisy ring

A small, delicately cut daisy provides the focal point of this dainty little ring. The […]

Woven Silver Necklace

I tried my hand at weaving silver for this piece. I then combined this woven […]

Garden Elements Necklace No.2

Flowers, fences, twigs, pea shoots and moss all inspired this big statement choker style necklace. […]

Pierced Round Cufflinks

Simple and stylish, round sterling silver cufflinks inspired by my passion for old botanical and […]

Beech Leaf Brooch

The beech tree is one of my favourite trees; they look particularly spectacular when the […]

Five Garden Elements necklace

Pea shoots, flower structures, leaves, fences and woven structures all inspired this necklace. In silver […]

agapanthus necklace

A long necklace in silver with pierced detail inspired by the beautiful Agapanthus – The […]

‘Hog’s Back’ Silver Vessel

This piece was made specially for the Bishopsland Educational Trust 20 Year Exhibition at COLLECT […]

‘hot-and-cold’ Silver bath oil containers

These vessels were commissioned by the P&O Makower Trust for the Crafts Council Collection in 1995. […]

‘Millennium Canteen’ Dessert Cutlery

Silver and 18ct Gold. Fly-pressed and chased silver with a stainless steel knife blade. This […]

Silver condiment vessels

These pieces were designed and made in 1996 for a Crafts Council touring exhibition called […]

Silver spoons

I went through a phase of making lots of implements: cutlery, pens, anything that could […]

Silver salt and pepper vessels

These salt and pepper vessels are based on the faces of flowers, made at a […]

Silver dish with leaves

This silver dish was made around the same time as the salt and pepper vessels […]

Spoons for the Garden

‘There is no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up […]

‘The more one gardens…’ Mantel Box

A wooden Mantel/Wall Box with a hinged glass door, containing a long Garden-Inspired necklace. Featuring […]

‘one half of the world…

Mantel Box containing various gardening implements in copper, brass, wood and paper Believe it or […]

‘If you can’t stand the heat…’

A piece inspired by the expression ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of […]

‘Time goes you say…?’

Wall/Mantel Box in Cherry Wood with a hinged glass door containing old clock parts, stones, […]

‘There is always one moment in childhood…’

A piece about childhood and the loss of innocence with references to Cornell and Blake. […]

Ice Cream

Box containing a hand made silver ice-cream spoon, inset with paper collage and various found […]

Brighton Rock

“People change,’ she said ‘Oh, no they don’t. Look at me. I’ve never changed. It’s […]

Idée Fixe

idée fixe ˌiːdeɪ ˈfiːks/ noun an idea or desire that dominates the mind; an obsession. […]