my #bestnine2017

My #bestnine2017 from my Instagram posts which even includes me and my dog! A huge thanks for all the likes, comments and follows and also for giving me the confidence and support to keep making and evolving. There’s still lots that I want to create in 2018, lets see what direction the creativity takes me…


in the leafy month of june…

One of my favourite months… The garden has burst into life (and so have all the weeds and bugs, but that’s just a part of gardening that you have to get used to!) and there are even days when I can wear my shorts!

a snapshot of march

a snapshot of march

New necklaces featuring daisies and forget me nots, new stones to play with; some lovely faceted rose quartz and green amethysts (from a great but expensive trip to a gem fair!) and lots of work to make for upcoming shows in April and May… Oh and a new necklace featuring over 150 little silver and […]