xmas is coming

christmas is coming…

The silly season is nearly upon us! I LOVE Christmas and I love being busy, so this time of year suits me down to the ground. Lots of jewellery heading out all over the world, including Germany, USA, Israel and of course the UK. I had some wonderful new images taken by photographer Cathy Pyle […]

Tempus fugit

Tempus fugit…

Time flies… You only have to blink and two months have passed!

weddings and flowers

A whole heap of wedding jewellery this month, including a beautiful 18ct gold wedding ring with the deepest blue untreated cushion cut Burmese sapphire-this stone was an absolute beauty! Luckily I get to see it regularly as it is now on the hand of my new sister-in-law! I also made presents for the four bridesmaids, […]