nuts in may

nuts in May

A busy month with exhibitions, MADE Bloomsbury, Brighton Open Houses and another show; MADE West Dean the first week of June, so its definitely been a bit nuts this month!

But I’ve managed to complete some pieces I’m really proud of and back up lots of galleries.

Roll on June…!


april 2017
April can be a hard month for a maker and a mum, an upcoming show and the Easter holidays means lots of entertaining and not getting much work done!
As my ‘kids’ are now older they are much more self sufficient, but taking the young one and the furry one to my studio proved too much, we lasted about an hour before I had to give up and go home!
Luckily I have been here before and I did manage to get work completed in time for my first show of the year with the Sussex Guild in Horsham, Surrey.
But you never know whether you will get everything complete in time for shows, especially when one of your family throws in an occasional curve ball!
But that’s life and I don’t think I’d have it any other way…

a snapshot of march

a snapshot of march

New necklaces featuring daisies and forget me nots, new stones to play with; some lovely faceted rose quartz and green amethysts (from a great but expensive trip to a gem fair!) and lots of work to make for upcoming shows in April and May…
Oh and a new necklace featuring over 150 little silver and gold hand-cut leaves!
I’ve cut fifty so far…its one of those jobs that will get done but slowly!