its me

hello may, nice to see you again

I’m a bit of a fan of May, its my birthday month and this one was a bit of a milestone…
And yes the corks did pop!
I can also announce that my jewellery is now featured on Eclectic Artisans, a brand new global jewellery website which launched this month:
I was immensely flattered to be invited and be part of this website which features so many FANTASTIC jewellers from all over the world!
I have a lovely selection of some of my more one-off pieces featured.


april is the cruellest month…

And the wettest!
I think my coat has been on constantly and permanently damp!
But there are signs of life appearing, the days are getting longer and the flowers are starting to emerge from their winter dormancy, ready to blossom and bloom back into life.
I think I feel a bit like this too!
But on the plus side, I made this lovely garden charm pendant for a customer, with an oak leaf, an aster flower with an 18ct gold face and sapphire, aquamarine and peridot beads.
garden charm commission april 18
So pleased that she liked it!




I participated in the #marchmeetthemaker challenge over on Instagram this March.
And yes, it really was a challenge to post something everyday!
I’m usually sporadic, posting a few times a week when I have something worthwhile to add, but it did give me an insight into myself and my working habits. I’m not usually one for talking much or being in front to the camera, but this forced me to be in the limelight and actually, I quite enjoyed it!
Obviously I’ve now retreated to the safety of hiding behind my work…a place which feels much more comfortable.